Common Uses Of Digital Signatures

common uses of digital signature

Digital signatures have been all the buzz lately… 

You might think that this may be because it’s quick and seamless – but what if we told you that there are many important uses of digital signatures aside from the ones you already know?

Different uses of digital signatures in:

  • Government Sectors – Digital signatures are widely adopted by the government, especially in the western regions. They’re often used in processing tax returns, verifying business-to-government transactions, ratifying laws, and managing contracts.
  • Healthcare Industry – Digital signatures are popular within the healthcare industry as well. They’re used to improve the efficiency of treatments and to strengthen data security for medicine prescriptions, hospital admissions, and the likes of it.
  • Manufacturing Departments – Most manufacturing companies use digital signatures to speed up the processes behind product design, quality assurance, marketing, and sales.
  • Financial Services – Digital signatures are widely implemented here due to their highly-secure encrypted features. They’re used for contracts, paperless banking, loan processing, insurance documentation, mortgages, and more.
  • Cryptocurrency – Surprisingly enough, digital signatures are also used in cryptocurrencies to authenticate the blockchain. They’re also used to manage transaction data associated with cryptocurrency. It’s a way for users to show ownership of currency or their participation in a transaction.

Big companies are moving away from the traditional method of manual work and slowly steering their organisational culture towards a more digital approach, namely by adopting digital signatures as a new way of sealing the deal. This is especially the case for highly sensitive industries like finance and government sectors.

Digital signatures are governed by its country’s regulated authorities, which further enhances its security.

The time has come for your organisation to step up your digital game by incorporating digital signatures into your workflow.

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