Goodbye Paper Contracts

Given the rise of electronic signature usage in recent years, we’ve seen a growing interest in how they can be best utilised.  Digitising processes is about completely rethinking them to make them more efficient, thus eliminating the need to draft and review original pieces of paper.

Indeed, digitisation isn’t just about replacing paper, but rather,  an implementation of the use of fast, precise and reliable digital technologies.

After all, the benefits of using digital signatures are considerable. The emergence of digital signatures has allowed us to simplify processesreduce costsimprove securityimprove accessibility and make processes more efficient. The use of digital signatures has resulted in a great decrease of paper needs in the corporate and business world.

Now, what used to take a couple of hours can be done in a mere instant. It also saves time, money and other precious resources.

Save time and money

The amount of time and money saved thanks to the implementation of e-signatures are substantial. First, with the use of digital signatures, going the paperless route will be easy and doing so greatly reduces time spent on signing contracts, documents and the likes of it. Second, digitisation will improve the speed and fluidity of processes since they can all be done online and there is no need for manual intervention in order to authorise documents. And lastly, with the implementation of digital signature technology into processes, we can avoid errors in manually filling out forms and eliminate delays in service due to inefficient procedures.

Furthermore, we have seen that when we re-think processes by implementing digital signature technology into them, we’re able to achieve better results – both in the long and short run.

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