Top 6 benefits of Digital Signature Certificate

In this online era, everything has become digitized and e-signing is no exception. DSC has become a reality in many industries and is growing with every passing second. Digital signatures are used in a wide range of fields such as life insurance, financial statements, rental agreements, employment agreements and so on. The purpose of safe […]

Common Uses Of Digital Signatures

common uses of digital signature

Digital signatures have been all the buzz lately…  You might think that this may be because it’s quick and seamless – but what if we told you that there are many important uses of digital signatures aside from the ones you already know? Different uses of digital signatures in: Big companies are moving away from […]

Difference between E-signature & Digital signature

Nowadays, almost all aspects of the workforce are moving towards digitisation due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the ensuing pandemic.   This also applies to managing and signing documents. When it comes to signing documents electronically, you’ll hear some familiar words that are always being thrown around. Words such as ‘digital signatures’; and ‘e-signatures’. and you’ll […]

5 Benefits of Digital Signature To Your Business

When you hear the word “digital signature”, what’s the first thought that instantly flashes into your mind? Some of you will think of it as a quick, cost-saving and hassle-free signing option. While these are some of the obvious benefits, there are some other lesser-known advantages and we’ve listed them down for you. Benefits Of […]

How do digital signatures work, exactly?

Most companies worldwide have been utilizing digital signatures, especially as the effects of the pandemic unraveled. They are known to be secure, fast, and affordable. But have you ever wondered how digital signatures really work? Each digital signature is unique to each signer. Providers like SigningCloud deploy the use of an intricate technology known as […]

The New Norm: Digitised Signatures

Over the last decade, and particularly during the pandemic, documents have become more likely to arrive in an email or as downloads rather than on physical paper. If you need to send a signed document back to someone, it’s easy to print and sign it beforehand. What if you need to send it back via […]

Digital Vs. E-Signing in Malaysia

Electronic  and digital signatures have long been the convenient choice of signature solutions in Malaysia, and the question of which is more effective is often hard to answer. This is mainly because both are used by various organisations for different purposes. Electronic signatures, commonly known as e-signatures are governed by the Electronic signature Act (ECA) […]

Goodbye Paper Contracts

Given the rise of electronic signature usage in recent years, we’ve seen a growing interest in how they can be best utilised.  Digitising processes is about completely rethinking them to make them more efficient, thus eliminating the need to draft and review original pieces of paper. Indeed, digitisation isn’t just about replacing paper, but rather,  […]