A New Way Forward With Digital Signing

SigningCloud– a homegrown Malaysian brand that caters to providing secure, trusted and efficient digital signing solutions – will be hosting an exclusive virtual event with 2 rounds of virtual discussions comprising guest VIP speakers, SigningCloud’s leaders, cybersecurity experts, members of the public as well as coveted TED Circles speakers. 

This 2-hour special will see the speakers discuss
their thoughts whilst sharing insights and tips on how we can avoid exposure to
the potential threats of:

With this event, SigningCloud hopes to raise awareness and shed some light on the importance of staying safe online, especially when it comes to online signing. Protecting your digital identity in an era where digitisation is encouraged is vital, and SigningCloud continuously strives to ensure you’re your identity and documents’ safety and integrity is always upheld.

We look forward to seeing you there along with other like-minded folk.

Our Speakers

Edward Law

CEO of Securemetric & SigningCloud

Krishna Rajagopal


James Lee

Advocate & Solicitor at James Lee & Pang



Opening video on identity theft

CEO Opening Speech

Introduction of SigningCloud


Panel Discussion​


TED Circles Community Discussion

Launching of Community Social Responsibility Campaign


Closing remarks by the emcee

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