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A universal signing platform that’s dedicated to meeting all your digital signing needs and more.

All Things SigningCloud

Learn about where we came from – and where we’re headed

A Little About SigningCloud

We’re on a mission to aid you in the digital transformation journey of your business. With SigningCloud, your office workflow is simplified! Say goodbye to the added hassle, costs and effort that comes with traditional signing. No longer will you need to print, scan, fax and send – just sign and send in a few quick minutes.

Using advanced digital signature technology, all signatures signed on SigningCloud are legally-binding and can be recognised as effective and valid under the Electronic Commerce Act 2006 whilst being fully compliant to the Digital Signature Act 1997 if the signature is verifiable by a valid digital certificate issued by any licensed certification authority in Malaysia. At SigningCloud, we understand how essential convenience is, hence why SigningCloud is available on most devices – allowing you to bring your work with you when you’re on the go.

The Company Behind SigningCloud

SigningCloud is the proud brainchild of its parent company Securemetric Berhad. The idea of SigningCloud was coined when its founders realised that there was a need for a secure, trustworthy and affordable digital signing service in Asia as we entered into an era of digital transformation and a work-from-home norm.

Equipped with the latest technology and industry knowledge, our in-house team of experts worked tirelessly to develop a platform that is not only affordable but in accordance with the latest regulations as well. In line with the organisation’s aim to reduce paper usage and to promote an environmentally-friendly culture, SigningCloud was created with rigid security compliances to replace conventional signing whilst still ensuring the integrity of the document is upheld.

To date, SigningCloud is home to thousands of account holders – and counting. SigningCloud continuously strives to make digital processes quicker and more seamless, thus aiding businesses with all their document review and signing needs throughout their supply chain. At SigningCloud, you’ve come to the right place. Sign with confidence and reassurance. Visit SecureMetric Site

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