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SigningCloud Empowers PLUS Malaysia on Their Digital Journey with Digital Signatures


In today’s faster workplace, getting things done quickly and safely is crucial. SigningCloud is excited to share our collaboration with PLUS Malaysia Berhad. They are known for embracing digital tools. Recently, we conducted a special training session for their team to help them master using digital signatures on our platform.

SigningCloud digital signatures training session with PLUS Malaysia staff

Deep Dive into Digital Signature Training with PLUS Malaysia

Our CTO Mr. Sea Chong Seak and the Product Manager, Chris Chang, hosted an training at the PLUS Malaysia headquarters. The goal was to empower their team with the latest product knowledge. This include how to seamlessly integrate digital signatures into their daily operations. This enhancement promises increased efficiency and security for the team!

Mr Sea Chong Seak answering audience's question. SigningCloud digital signatures training session with PLUS Malaysia staff.

Introduction to PLUS Malaysia Staff: Embrace the Power of Digital Signatures

Mr. Sea kicked off the session by unveiling the captivating world of digital signatures. He revealed that digital signatures stand out from electronic signatures due to their top-notch security features. Digital signatures use encryption and decryption. They validate the signers’ identities and protect the document’s integrity from unauthorized changes.

Distinguishing Between E-Signatures and Digital Signatures

During training, we made it clear that electronic signatures (e-signatures) and digital signatures are different. Mr. Sea stressed that while all digital signatures are e-signatures, not all e-signatures are digital signatures. E-signatures are simple, but digital signatures are advanced. They use digital certificates and encryption techniques for higher security and legal validity worldwide. Unlike e-signatures, digital signatures include detailed information within the document, like the signer’s identity, signing date and time, and location. This information is secure and cannot be changed without canceling the signature, ensuring accountability and traceability. Understanding this crucial difference is a top priority for our PLUS Malaysia team and the public.

Compliance and Implementation

The team looked at how SigningCloud meets Malaysia rules, including ECA 2006 and the DSA 1997. Mr. Sea then detailed the technology behind the platform. He explained how it uses PKI for digital signatures. PKI features a public and private key. These keys encrypt and decrypt data, ensuring document authenticity and verifying the signer’s identity. This sparked interesting talks among PLUS Malaysia Staff.

Practical Application and Benefits

Chris Chang confidently demonstrated how to use digital signatures within the SigningCloud platform. She highlighted key features. They include audit trails, timestamping, and real-time document tracking. Businesses need them to ensure clear and responsible handling of documents. Additionally, she guided the staff through a step-by-step tutorial on using SigningCloud.

By the end of the session, the PLUS Malaysia staff knew about digital signatures. They were also ready to use them well. This would make their digital shift more efficient and secure.

Chris Chang showing signingcloud product demo
Chris Chang showing signingcloud product demo

PLUS Malaysia: Special Thanks

We deeply thank Pn Waydawati for her pivotal role in making this session impactful. Her coordination and dedication ensured all participants gained the most from the training, leading to its success.

PLUS Malaysia Berhad has been a leader in digital transformation since introducing SigningCloud. Their early adoption and ongoing feedback have been crucial in shaping our digital signature solution into its current robust form. They are dedicated to digitalization. They go beyond just using it; also aim to set a high standard for excellence in the industry.

We deeply thank Pn Waydawati for organized the training session.

Our Bold Commitment to Digital Success

At SigningCloud, we are determined to create a digital environment that values security and efficiency above all else. We are grateful for the trust and collaboration of forward-thinking organizations. They, like PLUS Malaysia Berhad, are unwavering in their quest for innovation. By offering our secure e-signature services, we pledge to assist more organizations in simplifying their operations and reaching digital excellence.

Looking Forward

We confidently lead organizations on their digital journeys. We eagerly embrace the endless opportunities that digital signatures offer. The future belongs to the digital realm. Trustworthy solutions like SigningCloud will bring a positive transformation to every organization.

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